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very fast and great service

very fast and great service , you cant go wrong here ... the owner is very nice and helpful and I and my family will definitely be back for any repairs we may have

Bruce L. San Diego , CA June 7, 2013

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I’m sitting here an hour later …

I got engaged back in August, and though my ring was absolutely beautiful, it was a size too large. Nothing I could really complain about because how was my now-fiancé to know that I have freakishly bony, size 4 ET fingers? Since the engagement, I kept meaning to get it resized but was always too lazy, tired, busy, or hungover to make time for it (don't judge, it's called celebrating). As it's gotten colder, though, my already creepy-thin fingers have shriveled into ghostly sun-bleached cat turds, and I've had to hold my left hand in an awkward hook shape just to ensure the ring didn't fall off. I imagine at this point you are thinking "holy shit, your hands are disgusting" and you're right, they are.

Anyway, I met for lunch with my mom at Parkway Plaza today (because no duh we're a classy family), and she noticed my gnarled cat turd claw hand and said "that's it - Im taking you to get your ring sized at Fast Fix." Actually, she said "Mr. Fix It Man" but clearly that was just a hilarious mom-mix-up.

I'm glad I didn't check Yelp before heading over or I might have backed out, and I'd still be walking around with a palsy hand with a too-big, super dirty ring, but instead I'm sitting here an hour later with a BEAUTIFUL, SHINY, PERFECTLY FITTED RING and only slightly grotesque-looking hands. The guy at Fast Fix was friendly, helpful, super quick, and did a fantastic job - he sized my ring without the slightest seam and cleaned it so nicely it looks brand new. Like, I didn't know I was walking around with a nasty ass fogged up poop ring, but apparently I was because now it looks BEAUTIFUL. Plus they hooked me up with a 20% coupon for next time I need it cleaned, which based on my hygiene issues I predict will be in 45 minutes. The total cost was $75, which was steeper than I thought, but absolutely worth it.

Moral of the story: I am gross. Fast Fix is not.

Nicole C. San Diego , CA December 7, 2013

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Really nice people!

Really helpful and really friendly. Susanna was with us every step of the way and was really helpful and understanding. Really awesome employee!

They installed a custom clasp on my wife's bracelet for cheap; they removed the jump links for free when it was too big; and they even resized it for half off when it was still too big even though it wasn't their fault. And they polished it all three times for free!

Really nice people!

Nate B. Spring Valley , CA December 14, 2013

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Great Place.

Great Place. I am changing my old review for two reasons.
1. Very bad experience close to three years ago.
2. Place is under new management and though prices are still a bit on the higher end, customer service has greatly improved.
As for me, its only withing walking distance from my home so its convenient, and hated dealing with the old guy who was always there, but now its all good.
I buy my watches there but still go online for lower end items as its cheaper and more convenient. Work done while I have a coffee or visit other places.

Ishmel Dekan Ishmel Dekan November 4, 2014

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Thank you for not charging an …

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for fixing my daughter's chain. That chain has been handed down in my family for four generations and it made me really upset when it broke. Thank you for not charging an arm and a leg and being so courteous towards me!

A Google User A Google User November 4, 2014

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An excellent experience all …

I had some silver necklaces repaired by them (links repaired). I was very pleased with their customer service, quality and cost of work. An excellent experience all the way around. I highly recommend them for silver jewelry repair based on my experience.

A Google User A Google User November 4, 2014

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The staff was very friendly, …

The staff was very friendly, approachable, and professional. They showed me exactly what needed to be worked on and gave me an accurate and reasonable quote

A Google User A Google User November 4, 2014

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Words cant explain what a …

Words cant explain what a place this is go see for yourself

A Google User A Google User November 4, 2014

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Awesome new Manager running …

Awesome new Manager running both locations...Already seeing a wonderful change in atmosphere, they still offer both the standard battery, (its cheaper than the $25-$150 battery; depending on your watch, the higher the value of your watch, the more expensive the parts and service). I can totally understand that now...I don't take my Mercedes to a Ford shop and I pay for the quality of my machine...so the best deal is the Swiss batteries that they guarantee for 5 years. I used to take my watches to Sears at $9 a piece but have to change them every year...ugh, I have 11 watches. But, verses the high quality swiss made, its a better deal in the long run, because I now get them changed without additional cost within 5 years regardless and with the high grade battery too, that won't leak and ruin my components. So...be careful folks, those Made In China batteries, the cheap ones, leak over time, especially if your watch gets hot. I had a beautiful watch ruined by one from leaking inside at the cost of $185 for re-building...never again! Now I know why they only use swiss made parts and batteries...Thanks guys, and wonderful experience, they even made me laugh. Good job on the new Management too. I'll definitely be back, you're not one of those cheap Wal Mart type businesses.

A Yelp User A Yelp User November 4, 2014

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